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Why do my dog's eyes look cloudy??

Emma the Golden Retriever has cloudy eyes caused by nuclear sclerosis

A few different problems can cause you dog's eyes to look cloudy . The most common problem is nuclear sclerosis (sometimes called lenticular sclerosis) , which is a common old-age change in dogs. Emma, shown in the picture to the left has nuclear sclerosis. Nuclear sclerosis is not a painful condition, and your pet will not squint the eye or have discharge from the eye.

Other potential problems that can cause cloudy eyes in dogs include catartacts, corneal ulceration (corneal scratches), glaucoma or uveitis. To diagnose the problem be sure to have your Vet examine your pet! Corneal ulcers, glaucoma and uveitis are very painful conditions.

Check out the following article on Nuclear Sclerosis writen by Marybeth Bittel. Dr. Judy contributed to the article, and some of our adorable patients are pictured in it! (Article shared with permission) . The article also has great tips for keeping your dog's eye healthy!

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