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 Laser Therapy   for Pets

What can cold laser therapy be used for?

*  Arthritis

*  Degenerative Joint Disease

*  Hip Dysplasia

*  Elbow Dysplasia

*  Intervertebral Disk Disease


*  Back or neck pain

*  Pain

*  Infections

*  Pyoderma / skin infections

*  Anal gland abcesses

*  Ear infections

*  Ear hematoma

*  Cruciate ligament tears

    (ACL tears)

*  Tendon or ligament injuries

*  Antibiotic resistant infections

*  Gingivitis

*  Muscle strain

*  Lick granuloma

*  Burns

*  Post - op pain relief 

*  Orthopedic Injuries

*  Hot spots

*  Lumbosacral disorders

*  Pre-op and Post-op incision lines

*  Vestibular syndrome

*  Pre-treatment of incision sites (surgical pre-hab to decrease bleeding and swelling)

*  Increased range of motion for canine athletes

*  Wounds that aren't healing well

Cat having laser therapy treatment for arthritis
ActiVet Pro pet laser

Our Activet Pro 905 nm Gallium Arsenide (GaAS) Superpulsed Laser

Why choose cold laser therapy for my pet?

Laser therapy reduces swelling and inflammation and speeds  tissue healing without any  side effects!  Perfect for animals that do not tolerate medications, or are difficult to medicate.   Can be used as an alternative to surgery in some cases. 


Laser therapy can  be used in addition to medications or surgical procedures and acupuncture.

The laser  features a blue light, which is used to fight bacteria and manage wounds.  Great for antibiotic resistant infections. 

How does cold laser therapy work?

Laser light stimulates damaged cells to heal quickly and release pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins.  The super pulsed laser combines three clinically proven light wavelengths to deeply penetrate tissues (without generating heat) and kickstart the body' s natural healing processes. 

Dog having aupuncture and laser therapy for severe arthritis

Shelli the dog is having Acupuncture and Laser Therapy for severe arthritis pain.

Smokey is having laser therapy for intervertebral disk disease and back pain.  The laser helps  decrease  swelling and pain.

Smokey the dog is having laser therapy for back pain
Micky the dog having laser therapy with the blue light for infection

Micky was in a fight with another dog and has several incision lines and drains in his neck.  He is having laser therapy with the blue light in this photo at the drain sites to help fight infection.  He also had laser therapy with the red light to help reduce swelling, bruising and pain.

Genevieve the kitten is having Acupuncture and Cold Laser Therapy for back problems and difficulty walking.

Genevieve the kitten is having Acupuncture and cold laser therapy for back problems
Tate and Dr Judy Laser Therapy

Tate is having Cold Laser Therapy for treatment of a torn cruciate ligament. It helps control the pain and inflammation.

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