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How we help animals in need

Fox Ridge Veterinary Clinic is a year-round drop off location for donations for the Kendall County Community Pet Food Pantry.  The Kendall County Community Pet Food Pantry provides food and supplies for over 1,200 dogs in cats monthly.  This allows the pet to keep their happy home and not end up in the animal shelter.


Dog food, cat food (any brand, dry or canned), puppy and kitten food, cat litter, treats and cat carriers are very much appreciated.   They will even accept open bags of food, if your finicky feline decides they don't like their kibble keep this in mind!

We sponsor a annual holiday pet food drive.

Cute cat
Beautiful  ragdoll cat!

We are a proud partner vet clinic for the feline rescue group Forever Fortunate Felines!  We provide discounted veterinary care for the kitties looking for their forever home.  Forever Fortunate Felines gets their kitties from Chicago Animal Control and Care and other local animal shelters.  Check them out at

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