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Protect your dog's paws this winter

Best buddies

Winter can be hard on your dog's paws. Can you imagine walking around barefoot through the cold, salty slush we deal with every winter? Ice, salt, antifreeze and grime all take a toll on sensitive skin of paws.

There are ways to protect those sensitive tootsies. One option is to teach Fido to wear dog boots. This is easier said than done! Unless you introduce them to wearing boots at a young age, many just will not tolerate wearing dog boots. Some dogs don't mind wearing PAWZ brand dog boots. These are made with thick balloon rubber, and are great also for indoor use in dogs with arthritis or neurologic problems that need better traction on hard wood or tile floors.

Another option is making a batch of Paw Wax, and applying it to your dog's paws before heading outside. It helps prevent the ice, snow and slush from sticking to their paws. This all natural paw wax is also very soothing to their skin.

PAW WAX - recipe from Rodney Habib, Planet Paws

Melt down the following ingredients:

3 oz Beeswax

3 tbsp Coconut oil - Antibacterial

3 tbsp Calendula oil - Antibacterial and soothing to cracked skin

3 tbsp Avacado Oil - Moisturizing

optional - sprinkle Calendula flowers on top of wax when cooling

Mix well and pour into containers to cool . Some great ideas for containers include recycled screw-on lids, cupcake tins, metal gift card containers, small decorative containers from the dollar store or silicon molds. (Be sure the container is big enough to put your dog's paw in it!)

Paw Wax also makes great gifts!

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