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How do I know if my pet is in pain?

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Recognizing signs of pain in your pet is very important. Don't you wish you could communicate with your pet? It would be very helpful to ask them "What is bothering you? Are you in pain? Where does it hurt?" and have them answer your question. Unfortunately, we can't do this and need to know the signs of pain in our pets.

Please keep in mind many animals will hide symptoms of pain and be very stoic. They don't always cry, groan or scream if they are hurting.

Signs of pain in animals include:

* Limping or favoring a leg

* Not bearing weight on a leg

* Difficulty getting up after sleeping or resting

* Hiding

* Not socializing or interacting with other pets or people

* Poor appetite

* Stiffness after rising

* Chewing out fur

* Depression

* Inability to get comfortable

* Difficulty climbing stairs or jumping up onto furniture

* Tremoring / shaking

* Heavy panting or altered breathing patterns

* Squinting the eyes

* Changes in posture (hunched back or standing with front paws down and back legs straight up)

* Dropping food when eating (dental pain)

* Uneven calculus buildup on teeth (dental pain)

* Aggression

* Lick granuloma

Check out Dr Judy McBeth's video below for signs of pain in pets:

If you suspect you pet is in pain call us at (630) 859-0471. Please DO NOT give your pet any human pain medications (like Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, etc...). Human over the counter pain medications are not safe for dogs or cats.

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