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How to get your cat to like the cat carrier

Kitty enjoys being in the carrier

Do you have a hard time getting your cat into the carrier for a trip to the Vet? You are are not alone... Some cats really hate going anywhere in the carrier and it is a huge fight just to get them inside. It doesn't have to be that way! Check out the following tips:

1. Chose the carrier wisely! Pick a sturdy carrier that opens from the top and side easily. Some carriers have tops that are easily removed, and don't require an engineering degree or tools to do so (See example below). Plastic carriers are easy to clean. If you have a soft- sided carrier be sure the zippers close securely and kitty can't reach their paws through a gap in the zipper. Be certain kitty can't get their claws stuck in the mesh of soft-sided carriers.

Example of easy-open cat carrier

Put a towel or other soft bedding in the carrier. Cover the carrier with a towel or blanket when going to the Vet to provide security and privacy for your cat. You never know if a dog will be in the lobby at the Vet's office!

2. Make the carrier a good place to be! Leave the carrier in a room your family hangs out in. Don't store the carrier in the basement or garage until it is needed. (This is a big sign that a trip the Vet is coming!) Leave the carrier door open and put soft bedding, treats or favorite toys in the carrier.

3. Help you pet feel secure in the carrier. Spray the bedding in the carrier with Feliway spray about 30 minutes prior to a trip (this gives the alcohol in the spray time to dissipate) . Feliway spray is a synthetic facial pheromone. This "happy marker" pheromone gives confidence to cats and helps relieve anxiety. You can also apply Young Living Lavender Essential Oil or Peace and Calming Essential Oil blend to the bedding in the carrier to ease anxiety.

4. When you get to the Vet's office think about where you put the carrier. Please put the carrier on a table, counter top or chair, up off the floor. This way kitty is up higher than any dogs that may enter the room. You don't want kitty coming nose- to- nose with a dog!

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